Terms and conditions of use

Terms and conditions of use

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Information including images, specifications and hyperlinks contained throughout this website are only to be used as a point of reference.

As errors and omissions can occur, pricing, product information and availability is not final until orders have been confirmed by pinballparts.com.au.

While all care has been taken in compiling of this website, no responsibility can be accepted by the pinballparts.com.au for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies. If you see an error or omission please notify us so it can be corrected.

That’s the legal mumbo jumbo , its means please don't sue us if we make a mistake. We can make mistakes which we will readily rectify, if you notice a mistake on our website please send us an email. Thanks

We just want to play pinball


These terms of use govern your use of the pinballparts.com.au web site. Accessing this site indicates you accept these terms.

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Limitation of Liability

To the maximum extent possible under law, pinballparts.com.au fully disclaims all liability for using this site.

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The pinballparts.com.au web site may link to external sites or frame or otherwise include content from external sites. While all due care is taken to ensure that linked content is of a non-offensive nature, is pinballparts.com.au not responsible for maintaining, updating, hosting or authorship of linked external content. External links should not be perceived as being an endorsement or recommendation.


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This policy last modified on 18th November 2012